Papa Jake's Bigfoot Hunt: Tower Lookout & Custom Traps!

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2024

By staff

A video posted on YouTube by the channel Papa Jake has caught the attention of the Bigfoot community. The video, titled "BUILDING A BOX FORT SPY BASE TO CAPTURE BIG FOOT! (Cardboard Crafts)," features a group of individuals attempting to build a lookout tower and bunker in order to capture footage of Bigfoot. The video starts off with the group discussing the potential reward for capturing Bigfoot on camera. Bigfoot offers $11,000 for a photo and $110,000 for a video of the elusive creature. This serves as motivation for the group as they set up a 20-foot scaffolding tower and begin building their "Bigfoot Lookout." The group plans to use the tower as a lookout point and the bunker as a secure area in case Bigfoot shows up. They also mention that they will use the tower as their headquarters for operations as they venture out into the woods to search for Bigfoot. Throughout the video, the group can be heard discussing the potential dangers of encountering Bigfoot and the importance of self-defense. They show off various self-defense tools such as a dart blaster, slingshot, and a fishing net trap. I found this video to be both entertaining and informative. It's always exciting to see people actively searching for Bigfoot and coming up with creative ways to capture footage of the creature. The group's enthusiasm and determination to capture Bigfoot is contagious and makes for a great watch. It's good to note that while the group's intentions are good, it's crucial to remember that Bigfoot is a wild and elusive creature. It's good to always approach any potential encounter with caution and respect for the creature's natural habitat. If you're interested in watching the video, you can find it on the Papa Jake YouTube channel. It's a fun and entertaining watch that's sure to get any Bigfoot enthusiast excited. Excitement level: 7/10 I encourage our readers to watch the video and share their thoughts with us. Remember, we are open-minded and accept all ideas when it comes to Bigfoot. So, let us know what you think about this video and the group's creative approach to capturing Bigfoot on camera. Additionally, if you have any footage or photos of Bigfoot, we encourage you to submit them to our YouTube channel for review. Who knows, you might just be the one to capture the elusive creature on camera and claim the reward from Bigfoot Happy Squatching!