Night Vision Encounter: Thomas and Nikki's Forbidden Area Sasquatch Hunt

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2024

By staff

In a recent video posted on the YouTube channel Sasquatch Secrets, hosts Thomas Steenburg and Nikki embark on a midnight mission to find Sasquatch in the Stave Lake area of British Columbia. As they make their way up Stave Lake Road, Thomas shares his experiences with Sasquatch, including a fleeting glimpse of one in 2004 and numerous instances of tracking their prints. He also discusses the history of the area, including the Ruskin Dam and the Mission Museum, where a large skeleton was once rumored to be housed. Throughout the video, Thomas and Nikki engage in light-hearted banter and share their excitement for the adventure ahead. They also discuss the importance of bear spray, not just for bears, but for other potential encounters in the wilderness. As they reach the dirt road, Thomas reveals that he has rolled a few vehicles in the area before, but is confident in his driving skills. They pass the Mission landfill and the entrance to the road that leads to Hoover Lake, where a controversial video of a supposed Sasquatch was filmed. Despite the late hour and the thick wilderness, Thomas and Nikki remain optimistic and excited about the possibility of encountering Sasquatch. They encourage viewers to stay tuned for updates on their mission and to follow along on their journey. I am always intrigued by the stories and experiences shared by others in the community. This video is a great example of the passion and excitement that drives us to continue exploring and investigating the possibility of Sasquatch's existence. I encourage all Bigfoot enthusiasts to check out the video and follow along on Thomas and Nikki's midnight mission.