Bigfoot Society Call-In: Mid Missouri Ozarks Family Group & Thermal Imaging Observations

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2024

By staff

If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast, you're in for a treat! A recent video from the YouTube channel Bigfoot Society, "BIGFOOT ENCOUNTERS CALL IN SHOW!" is making waves in the Bigfoot community. Host Jeremiah welcomes a panel of guests, including Kia Lanning Black, Bobby, Scotty, Linda from Missouri, Ted from Arizona, and many more. The video is a lively discussion between Bigfoot researchers and witnesses, sharing their experiences and encounters with these elusive creatures. One particularly exciting moment comes when Randy from the Sensible Bigfoot Project calls in to share his research in the 400, a productive area in Mid-Missouri Ozarks where a family group of Bigfoots resides. Randy has witnessed and documented the growth of this family group over the years, including the birth of new young ones. He also shares his experiences camping in the Kichi mountains, where he has had several close encounters with these mysterious creatures. Jeremiah also announces some exciting news - he will be interviewing Miguel from the Squatch Theory podcast and YouTube channel for an upcoming episode. Miguel is known for his incredible documentaries and interviews, so this is definitely an episode to look out for. The