New Bigfoot Sighting in South Texas: Apex Predator Caught on Camera?

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2024

By staff

A new and intriguing image of a possible Bigfoot has surfaced, and it's causing quite a stir in the Bigfoot community. The picture was shared on the YouTube channel Bigfoot Input by a man named Shane, who lives in South Texas, just outside of Corpus Christi. Shane owns 325 acres of land and has a camera set up near a man-made river that alerts him to the water level. In May 2022, Shane received a notification from his camera that something had been caught in the picture. When he checked the image, he was shocked to see what appeared to be a Bigfoot standing in the waterway. Shane also managed to capture a clear image of a footprint, which he believes belongs to the creature. The image shows a figure with an elongated heel and five toes, which are visible in the mud. The footprint is estimated to be around 15 inches long, which is consistent with the size of a Bigfoot footprint. Shane also noted that the mud appeared to be holding water, which would suggest that the creature's weight was significant. Bigfoot Input analyzed the image and compared it to pictures of horses, which are common in the area. However, they found that the creature in the image did not have the same strong ocular bone that horses have, and it also lacked a tuft of hair near the eyeballs. They also noted that the creature's eyeball was in the front of its face, which is a characteristic of predatory animals. The Bigfoot community is excited about this new image, and many believe that it could be the real deal. While there is always the possibility that the image could be a hoax, the level of detail in the footprint and the creature's features make it a compelling piece of evidence. If you're interested in seeing the image for yourself, be sure to check out the Bigfoot Input YouTube channel. And, as always, keep an open mind and stay skeptical, but also be excited about the possibility of new evidence that could help us learn more about these elusive creatures.