Bigfoot Sightings in Southeastern Kentucky: New Evidence Unveiled

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel Journey Through the Gate Paranormal Portal Podcast, hosts Steve Stockton and Elijah Henderson discuss their experiences with the mysterious creatures known as Bigfoot and Dogman in the Land Between the Lakes. Steve Stockton, a well-known author and content creator, shares his family's history of encounters with unknown creatures in East Tennessee. His family lived on a farm down a dirt road with trees hanging over, and they would often hear and see something following them as they walked home at night. They would even see dirt clouds rolling down the hill and, on one occasion, the creature chased them to the house and shook the door. Elijah Henderson, co-host and researcher, shares his family's involvement in the Crypted Research Institute and their dedication to telling the truth about their experiences. He also mentions his father, who was a wonderful person to listen to speak on any subject, especially this one. The two discuss the mysterious creatures known as Bigfoot and Dogman, which are said to roam the Land Between the Lakes. They share stories of encounters and sightings, as well as the darker side of nature that these creatures represent. I am always excited to hear new stories and experiences with these mysterious creatures. The video is definitely worth a watch for anyone interested in the paranormal or cryptozoology. You can find the video on the Journey Through the Gate Paranormal Portal Podcast YouTube channel and learn more about Elijah Henderson and his family's research on the Crypted Research Institute YouTube channel and Facebook page.