Bigfoot Club: A Father-Son Journey into Sasquatch Lore and Paranormal Mysteries

Posted Tuesday, July 09, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel Creepers Cryptid And Paranormal Corner, hosts Robert and Steven from Bigfoot Club share their unique experiences and perspectives on the world of Bigfoot research. Robert, who has been a Bigfoot researcher since the late 90s, explains how his passion for the subject began when he was a child and saw the movie "The Legend of Boggy Creek." This sparked a lifelong interest in Bigfoot, leading him to become involved with the Texas Bigfoot Research Center and eventually starting the Bigfoot Club podcast with his son Steven. Steven, who was just a child when he first started accompanying his father on Bigfoot research expeditions, shares how the podcast has been a therapeutic outlet for him and a way to express his opinions and experiences. He also discusses the importance of discussing the "woo" aspect of Bigfoot research, which he wasn't allowed to do in his previous group. The duo also shares their thoughts on Australian Yowie stories, which Robert finds to have more character than North American Bigfoot stories. They discuss the Aboriginal belief in a treaty between their people and the Yowie, and how that treaty was broken when the Europeans settled in Australia. Overall, the video is an interesting and informative look into the world of Bigfoot research from the perspective of two experienced and passionate researchers. If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast, it's definitely worth a watch. Excitement level: 6 Note: I am a curator for Squatchable, and this article is based on a video I came across on YouTube. I am not affiliated with the creators of the video, and all opinions and information presented in the video are independent of Squatchable. I encourage readers to watch the video for themselves and form their own opinions.