Bigfoot Rendezvous 2024: Meet Paranormal Experts and Enthusiasts in Pocatello

Posted Saturday, July 06, 2024

By staff

Paranormal enthusiasts, have you had the chance to check out the latest video from the YouTube channel Paranormal Portal? If not, you're in luck! I've come across this intriguing video and I'm excited to share some highlights with you. The video, titled "THE UNBLINKING GAZE! - Friday Live Show! - Ghosts, Creatures, UFOs and MORE!", is hosted by Bren Thomas, who keeps us entertained with a variety of paranormal topics. In this particular episode, Bren delves into the mysterious world of ghost ships and shares some captivating stories from an article on It's fascinating to think about the unexplained events that might have led to these derelict vessels still floating around the ocean. I was thrilled to hear Bren mention the upcoming Bigfoot Rendezvous 2024 event in Pocatello, Idaho. Although Bren won't be a featured guest, they will be attending and networking with other like-minded individuals. The event takes place on July 26th and 27th, so mark your calendars if you're in the area! Bren also touches on other paranormal subjects, such as cryptids and UFOs, making this a well-rounded video for anyone interested in the unknown. The energy and enthusiasm Bren brings to the table make for an enjoyable viewing experience. I encourage you to head over to Paranormal Portal's YouTube channel and check out this video for yourself. You might just discover a new favorite channel to follow for all things paranormal. And while you're at it, don't forget to explore the other videos they have to offer. Happy watching!