Seven Chilling Cryptid Encounters: Bigfoot, Dogman, and More

Posted Saturday, July 06, 2024

By staff

A few days ago, I stumbled upon a fascinating video on YouTube that I just had to share with all of you fellow Bigfoot enthusiasts. The video, posted by the channel Old Hillbilly Horror, features a series of true, terrifying cryptid and folklore horror stories, including encounters with the Dogman, Sasquatch, Wendigo, and more. The first story in the video comes from a witness who had a chilling encounter with a Dogman in Whitewater, Wisconsin, back in 2010. While driving home along a two-lane country highway, the witness saw movement near her passenger side window. At first, she thought it might be a deer, but as the creature came closer, she realized it was something much more sinister. The Dogman, as described by the witness, was a tall, dark, furry being with big pointed ears like a wolf, a big head, and a large body. It ran on two legs and kept up with the witness's SUV for several seconds before disappearing into the woods. The witness was understandably shaken by the encounter and still gets chills when recalling the story, even eight years later. The video also features a story from a witness who saw a large, canine-like creature carrying something in its mouth while crossing a street in Milwaukee. The witness speculated that it might have been a Canadian goose, as the creature seemed to struggle as if it was trying to escape the area. Another fascinating story in the video comes from a witness who saw a creature resembling an orangutan sitting in the middle of the road in Alaska. The witness and her friend were driving at night and the creature was illuminated by their headlights. Despite its human-like hair, the witness initially thought it was an orangutan, but soon realized that was impossible. The creature had knees and long reddish-colored hair, unlike any Native Alaskan animal. The video also includes stories of Sasquatch sightings, as well as encounters with the terrifying Wendigo, a creature from Algonquian folklore that is said to devour human flesh. As a Bigfoot believer and a curator of all things cryptid, I found this video to be a thrilling and entertaining watch. I highly recommend checking it out for yourself and seeing the chilling stories for yourself. Who knows, you might even be inspired to share your own Bigfoot encounter! Please note that all the stories in the video are independent of us at Squatchable, and the video is not our own creation. We encourage our readers to watch the video and form their own opinions on the stories shared. And as always, we are open-minded and accept all ideas when it comes to Bigfoot and other cryptids.