Ohio's Tinker's Hollow: Mysterious Heat Signature and Paranormal Orbs Encounter

Posted Friday, June 28, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast, you won't want to miss the latest video from the YouTube channel T Mac. The video, titled "The Legend of Tinker's Hollow," takes us on a nighttime investigation to one of the creepiest spots in the state of Ohio. T Mac is in Tinker's Hollow, named after the Tinker family who moved there in 1806. The Tinkers were incredible innovators and vendors, known for their secret for making the strongest steel. The family occupied the hollow until 1929, and the area is said to be full of legends, myths, and cryptid sightings. As T Mac explores the area, he encounters plenty of wildlife, including deer, raccoons, and a fox. But it's not just the living creatures that make Tinker's Hollow creepy. The abandoned road and old bridge, as well as the full moon, add to the eerie atmosphere. T Mac also mentions the numerous claims of crypted Bigfoot sightings and wild animals in the area. And as he's talking, something catches his eye on the thermal camera. He sees a large heat signature, but can't quite make out what it is. He pulls out his wireless hole puncher, which has a red dot or laser pointer, and points it at the heat signature to see if he can get a reaction. As T Mac continues his investigation, he hears strange noises and sees yellow lights. He also mentions the sightings of orbs that have been reported in the area. If you're a Bigfoot believer, this video is definitely worth checking out. T Mac's investigation is both informative and exciting, and the eerie atmosphere of Tinker's Hollow will keep you on the edge of your seat. You can check out the video for yourself on T Mac's YouTube channel.