Lost Hiker in Greece: Retired Sheriff's Family Demands Action

Posted Saturday, June 22, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

In a recent video from the Canam Missing Project YouTube channel, some fascinating information was shared about a retired LA County Sheriff named Albert Calbet who went missing in Greece. The video begins with the host discussing some unusual experiences that a military policeman at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana had witnessed, including strange lights and sounds near nuclear missile silos. The host then moves on to the case of Albert Calbet, who disappeared on June 11, 2024, while on a hiking trip on the Greek island of Lmorgos. Calbet was an experienced hiker and had taken this particular hike many times before. However, on this occasion, he failed to meet up with his friend at the designated time, and when he couldn't be found, his sister and girlfriend were notified. The Greek authorities were contacted, and a helicopter search was conducted along the trail for two hours. However, after that, there was no further search effort made. Calbet's brother, Oliver, who is a very smart man, took matters into his own hands and contacted the LA County Sheriff. Two search and rescue deputies and Calbet's girlfriend flew to Greece to assist in the search. The video is informative and raises some interesting questions about the disappearance of Albert Calbet. The fact that he was an experienced hiker and had taken this hike many times before makes his disappearance even more puzzling. The video also highlights the challenges of conducting a search and rescue operation in a foreign country with limited resources. As Bigfoot believers, we are always interested in hearing about unusual and unexplained events, and this video certainly delivers on that front. While the case of Albert Calbet is not directly related to Bigfoot, the strange lights and sounds witnessed by the military policeman at Malmstrom Air Force Base are intriguing and could be related to otherworldly phenomena. We encourage our readers to watch the video and draw their own conclusions about the case of Albert Calbet and the strange experiences reported at Malmstrom Air Force Base. As Bigfoot believers, we remain open-minded and curious about all things unexplained, and this video is definitely worth a watch.