New Bigfoot Sightings: Utah, Australia, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Washington

Posted Tuesday, June 18, 2024

By staff

Bigfoot sightings continue to be reported from all corners of the world, and new videos are emerging that add to the intrigue and mystery surrounding this elusive creature. I'm always on the lookout for compelling evidence of Bigfoot's existence, and I've come across some fascinating videos on YouTube that I'd like to share with our readers. One such video was posted by the YouTube channel Dark Matter, featuring what they claim to be some of the most convincing Bigfoot encounters caught on camera. The first video comes from Logan Canyon, Utah, where a father and son spotted a dark figure walking along a creek bed while they were driving through a popular rifle hunting area. Assuming it was a hunter, they were puzzled by the fact that the figure was wearing all brown during an active rifle hunt, which is illegal. Curious, they decided to revisit the scene a few days later and estimated that the figure was 7'28" tall and twice as wide as a 6' tall, 200lb man. The Rocky Mountain Sasquatch organization also investigated the area and arrived at similar conclusions. In another video, a four-person team from the Australian Yahi Research Organization traveled to the Gul Coast Hinterland in April 2021. Two days into their expedition, they set up base camp in Spring Brook National Park. Researcher Book Bingham left the camp to practice with their latest thermal camera when he spotted a large head looking around a tree stump. As he zoomed in, he realized that there were two massive heat signatures. Concerned that the figures looked too small on the viewfinder, he stopped recording to reset the zoom, but by the time he could press record again, the creatures had silently left. Based on the size of the foliage, the subjects were estimated to be between 8 and 9 ft tall. Another interesting video comes from Tennessee resident Scott Carpenter, an avid outdoorsman and amateur Sasquatch researcher. In 2012, he captured a strange white-colored figure crouched down behind some foliage using his back camera. While the footage wouldn't be remarkable on its own, when considering Scott's reputation and his son's involvement in the Bigfoot community, it becomes that much more intriguing. These are just a few of the fascinating Bigfoot encounters caught on camera that I've come across on YouTube. I encourage our readers to check out the full video and share their thoughts with us. Who knows, maybe one of these videos will provide the conclusive evidence we've all been waiting for!