Experience Bigfoot Encounters at Blue Mountain Festival - Scott from Squatch America

Posted Tuesday, June 18, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

Bigfoot enthusiasts, have you heard about the exciting events happening in the world of Sasquatch research? A recent video from the YouTube channel Squatch America highlights some of the recent and upcoming Bigfoot festivals that are sure to be of interest to anyone following the search for this elusive creature. The video, titled "Bigfoot fests 10 down 3 to go," features Squatch America's Scott sharing his experiences at the Metaline Falls Bigfoot Festival in Washington. Despite the thunderstorms and pouring rain, Scott reports that there were still around 2,000 attendees on the first day and 1,000 on the second. He also notes that there were many reports of Sasquatch sightings in the area, making it a particularly "squatchi AF" location. In addition to sharing his experiences at the Metaline Falls festival, Scott also mentions the upcoming Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest in Baker City, Oregon. This event, taking place on June 21st-23rd, will feature a VIP dinner on Friday night, as well as a vendor fair, Town Hall meetings, and performances on Saturday and Sunday. Scott encourages viewers to bring their Bigfoot stories and evidence to share at the event. One particularly exciting aspect of the Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest is the opportunity to meet some of the well-known guests in the field of Sasquatch research. Scott mentions that he will be there with his new 3D scanner, which he can use to scan casts and footprints. He also mentions that plaster may be "out of business" with this new technology. Overall, the video from Squatch America is an exciting update on the world of Bigfoot festivals and research. If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast, be sure to check out the Blue Mountain Bigfoot Fest in Baker City, Oregon later this month. Who knows what exciting discoveries and experiences may be in store for those who attend?