Albert Ostman's Bigfoot Encounter: A Deep Dive with Squatch DTV

Posted Monday, June 17, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel Squatch-D TV, hosts Steve Kulls and Chris Bennett delve into a fascinating story that has left many in the Bigfoot community questioning its validity. The tale in question is the alleged kidnapping of a young boy by a Sasquatch, as told by a man named Albert Ostman. Steve and Chris begin the episode by acknowledging the various viewers who have joined the live chat, welcoming them to the show. They then dive into the topic at hand, expressing their intrigue and skepticism regarding Ostman's story. The tale, which took place 100 years ago, has been widely accepted in the Bigfoot community due to its inclusion in John Green's book, "Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us." However, Steve and Chris encourage their viewers to keep an open mind, acknowledging that even the most respected researchers can make mistakes. As they delve deeper into the story, Steve and Chris examine the available information from the time period in which Ostman's encounter took place. They emphasize the importance of revisiting old cases and investigations, as truth often emerges with time. They also remind their viewers that nobody is infallible, including themselves, John Green, and other prominent figures in the Bigfoot community. Throughout the discussion, Steve and Chris maintain a respectful tone towards the Sasquatch, never referring to them as animals or beasts. They emphasize the need for pragmatic investigations and the ongoing search for truth in the field of Bigfoot research. I encourage our readers to watch the video and form their own opinions on the matter. The tale of Albert Ostman's encounter with a Sasquatch is a captivating story that raises questions and sparks curiosity within the Bigfoot community. By examining the evidence and engaging in open dialogue, we can continue to expand our understanding of these elusive creatures.