Investigating Diverse Bigfoot Species: Stmas, Stas, and Elusive Face Eaters

Posted Monday, June 17, 2024

By staff

A few days ago, I stumbled upon an intriguing video on YouTube from the channel World Bigfoot Central, featuring an interview with researcher Khat Hansen. The conversation revolved around the mysterious disappearances of people in the wilderness, a topic that has been popularized by David Paulides' Missing 411 books. Khat Hansen, an experienced researcher, shared her insights on the possible connection between these disappearances and a specific group of Sasquatch, which she refers to as "face eaters." She emphasized that not all Sasquatch are the same, and the so-called face eaters have distinct characteristics and behaviors that set them apart from other types. According to Hansen, face eaters are more aggressive and have a preference for human heads as their primary food source. She also mentioned that these Sasquatch are more prominent in certain regions, such as the Pacific Northwest, and that they may be more likely to interact with humans due to their hunting habits. During the interview, Hansen also discussed the possibility that these face eaters might be a separate branch of the Sasquatch species, with distinct physical and behavioral differences. She drew parallels between the face eaters and the prehistoric primate Dinopithecus, suggesting a potential evolutionary link. As a researcher, Hansen believes that understanding the different types of Sasquatch is crucial for gaining a more comprehensive picture of these elusive creatures. Her insights and experiences provide valuable food for thought for anyone interested in the world of Sasquatch. If you're intrigued by Khat Hansen's take on the face eater Sasquatch and their possible connection to mysterious disappearances, I highly recommend checking out the full interview on World Bigfoot Central's YouTube channel. It's a fascinating conversation that offers a unique perspective on the complex nature of Sasquatch behavior and the mysteries surrounding their existence.