Neighbors' Sasquatch Sighting & Joe Perry's Belief: A Wild Encounter

Posted Monday, June 17, 2024

By staff

If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast, you're going to love this video I stumbled upon from the YouTube channel Scarboro Sasquatch Station. The channel's owner, Tom, shares his experiences and thoughts on Sasquatch encounters, and in this particular video, he talks about the "real 'WOOP'" Sasquatch stories with a supernatural twist. As I watched the video, I noticed that Tom enjoys playing some music to set the mood before diving into the topic. During the video, he shares a story about a recent wild experience he had, but he doesn't go into detail right away. Instead, he plays a few songs to warm up the mind for the discussion. One of the songs he plays is a tribute to Joe Perry, who, interestingly enough, has talked about Sasquatch in the past. Tom mentions that Joe Perry believes in Sasquatch, which adds an extra layer of excitement for Bigfoot enthusiasts. As the video continues, Tom shares a story about a dwarf encounter from 1983. He explains that the footage was from his friend Bobby Bonora and a few scenes from Amber Christon. Tom believes that the sound in the video is real, and so does Heather, another person who saw the encounter. Towards the end of the video, Tom talks about the supernatural aspect of Sasquatch encounters. He shares his own experiences and the energy or aura he has witnessed around these creatures. Tom believes that there's more to Sasquatch than just their physical appearance, and he's working on a book to share these insights. Overall, this video from Scarboro Sasquatch Station is an exciting find for Bigfoot enthusiasts. Tom's personal experiences and thoughts on the supernatural side of Sasquatch encounters make for an interesting and engaging conversation. Be sure to check out the video and share your thoughts with the Squatchable community.