Pennsylvania Cryptids: New Bigfoot Sighting & Intense Scream

Posted Monday, June 17, 2024

By staff

If you're a fan of cryptids and the unexplained, then you're in for a treat with this recent video I came across. The YouTube channel "There's No Place Like Home" features a video titled "Question the Narrative | Pennsylvania Cryptids: I Stand Corrected," and it's a fascinating exploration of the many cryptids said to inhabit the Keystone State. The video's host, Shelly, admits that she previously complained about the lack of interesting cryptids in Pennsylvania, but she's since had a change of heart. She's discovered that there are indeed many cryptids in the state, and she shares some of her findings with us. One of the cryptids Shelly discusses is Bigfoot, which has been sighted in Pennsylvania on numerous occasions. She shares a particularly intriguing story of a man who saw Bigfoot near a pond in 2014. The witness described the creature's eyeshine and the sound of its movement, and even managed to capture some footage of the encounter. Shelly also mentions the Thunderbird, a massive, bird-like creature that has been reported in Western Pennsylvania. She recalls a personal experience in York County that reminded her of the Thunderbird legend. But what exactly are cryptids? Shelly explains that they are hidden animals or hybrids that may not even be real, but could also be unexplained animal species that we simply haven't discovered yet. She reminds us that the mountain gorilla was once considered a cryptid before it was discovered to be a real animal. Overall, this video is a great reminder that there are still many mysteries in our world, and that Pennsylvania is full of intriguing cryptids just waiting to be discovered. If you're a fan of the unexplained, I highly recommend checking out this video and exploring the many cryptids said to inhabit the Keystone State.