Witness Documents Night Encounter with Multiple Bigfoot and a Juvenile

Posted Sunday, June 16, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

In a recent video posted on the YouTube channel Appalachian Cryptid Encounters, a hiker captures footage of multiple Sasquatch sightings while on a walk through the woods. The video, titled "ALERT: Sasquatch followed us home, the hitchhiker effect," showcases the creatures' distinctive features and behaviors. The hiker begins by sharing images of several Sasquatch, some of which appear to be surrounding the treeline. One of the creatures has a particularly large pupil, which the hiker notes is a common trait among the species. The hiker also points out the creatures' long snouts and conical head shapes. As the video continues, the hiker shares additional footage of the Sasquatch, including one that appears to be screaming or yelling. The hiker also notes the white in the eye of one of the creatures, as well as the definition of its teeth. One of the most interesting aspects of the video is the hiker's observation of the creatures' use of shade lenses on their eyes. The hiker explains that this allows the Sasquatch to keep one eye in the shade, allowing them to still see and evade if their other eye is blinded by a flashlight. The hiker also notes the size and strength of the creatures, pointing out the large head of one Sasquatch and the muscular build of another. The hiker also mentions the possibility of a larger Sasquatch peeking around a tree in one of the images. Towards the end of the video, the hiker shares footage of a juvenile Sasquatch peeking over their back porch. The hiker notes that the creature is well-camouflaged and that it is only visible due to their knowledge of the Sasquatch's presence. Overall, the video provides a fascinating look at the Sasquatch and their behaviors. The hiker's observations and insights add to the intrigue and mystery surrounding these elusive creatures. If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast, this is definitely a video worth checking out.