Gigantopithecus: The Biological Basis of Bigfoot?

Posted Tuesday, June 11, 2024

By staff

In the latest video from The Paranorm Girl Podcast, host Kristen explores the various theories and explanations for the existence of Sasquatch. As a believer in the paranormal and open-minded to all possibilities, she takes a deep dive into the two main camps of thought when it comes to Bigfoot: the biological, flesh and blood undiscovered ape, and the more paranormal, mystery explained with another mystery. Kristen starts off by discussing the most accepted physical explanation for Sasquatch, which is that it is a surviving population of the genus of ape called gigantopithecus. This ape, believed to be the largest that has ever lived, is thought to have gone extinct 300,000 years ago, but some speculate that it may have migrated to America and Canada and is still alive today. Grover Krantz, a proponent of this theory, even made a recreation of the gigantopithecus skull based on fossils found in Asia. However, not everyone is convinced by the gigantopithecus theory. Some believe that Sasquatch is simply an undiscovered ape, similar to gorillas and giant squid, that have been considered works of fiction and lore by locals for a long time. Others believe that Sasquatch is a tribe of people, wild and evolved differently, who outwit researchers at every turn. Kristen also touches on the Sasquatch Genome Project, which has consistently found an undetermined DNA source in addition to human DNA in their samples. Some speculate that this could be due to human collector contamination, but others wonder if it could be something more. As a believer in the paranormal and open-minded to all possibilities, Kristen encourages her viewers to watch the video and consider all of the evidence before coming to a conclusion. She reminds us that there are many mysteries in the world that we may never fully understand, and that is what makes the search for the truth so exciting. Excitement level: 7 Note: This article is based on a video discussion from YouTube and does not reflect the views or opinions of Squatchable. Any additional information included is for context and to expand on the topics discussed in the video.