Hellbent Holler's Paranormal Expedition to Brown Mountain: New Tech & Interviews

Posted Tuesday, June 11, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

If you're a fan of the paranormal and cryptids, you'll want to check out the latest video from Hellbent Holler. The dynamic duo of Jesse and Joe take us on a journey through the world of high strangeness, discussing everything from ghosts and ghoulies to UFOs and, of course, cryptids. In this particular video, Jesse and Joe discuss their recent expedition to Brown Mountain in North Carolina, where they aimed to capture footage of the infamous Brown Mountain Lights. These mysterious lights have been a source of fascination for locals and visitors alike for centuries, and Jesse and Joe were determined to get to the bottom of the phenomenon. The pair also discuss some of the history behind Brown Mountain and the legends that surround it. From ancient Native American tales to more recent stories of strange occurrences, there's no shortage of intrigue when it comes to this mysterious location. One of the most exciting parts of the video is when Jesse and Joe discuss the new technology they've been working with. They've acquired some new sensor tech that nobody else in the field is using, and they're eager to see what kind of data and readings they can get from it. Of course, they're aware that once they share their findings, others will likely follow suit, but for now, they'll have a leg up on the competition. Jesse and Joe are always a joy to watch, and their enthusiasm for all things paranormal is infectious. They're not afraid to share their opinions and speculations, even if they're a bit out there. But that's part of what makes them so entertaining to watch. If you're looking for a fun and informative dive into the world of the paranormal, be sure to check out Hellbent Holler's latest video. And who knows, you might just learn something new about the mysterious Brown Mountain Lights.