Squatch Watchers Analyze Potential Bigfoot Audio & Figure Sighting

Posted Tuesday, June 11, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel Squatch Watchers, hosts Tate FBR, Taylor Cook, and Super Dave discuss some fascinating audio files that have been sent in by a viewer named Kevin Kurn. The audio files are said to contain possible Sasquatch vocalizations, and the hosts share their thoughts on what they hear. Tate starts off the discussion by mentioning that he has been doing some research on Google Earth and street view, and he points out that the images captured on these platforms are not always taken at the same time. He explains that the satellite image is not the same as the street view image, and that it would be difficult to pinpoint a specific location on Google Earth and then go out and stage a hoax. Super Dave then shares his thoughts on the audio files, and he mentions that he has heard similar sounds while out in the woods. He points out that sometimes what you hear in the woods doesn't always get picked up on camera, and he encourages viewers to listen closely to the audio files and form their own opinions. Taylor then shares her thoughts on the audio files, and she mentions that she has heard similar sounds before as well. She encourages viewers to listen carefully and to pay attention to the details in the audio. The hosts then play the audio files for the viewers and encourage them to listen closely and to share their thoughts in the comments section. They also remind viewers to send in any evidence or sightings they may have to the Squatch Watchers podcast email address. Overall, this video is an interesting listen for anyone interested in the possibility of Sasquatch vocalizations. The hosts provide some valuable insights and encourage viewers to listen closely and to share their own thoughts and opinions. If you're a Bigfoot believer, this is definitely a video you won't want to miss. As a Bigfoot believer and a curator for Squatchable, I am excited to share this video with our readers. The audio files presented in this video are intriguing and definitely worth a listen. I encourage our readers to check out the video for themselves and to share their thoughts and opinions in the comments section. Who knows, you may have heard something similar while out in the woods yourself! Excitement level: 7 out of 10.