Squatch DTV: Exploring Bigfoot Tales from Alaska with Steve Kulls

Posted Monday, June 10, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

Alaska, a place of wilderness and untamed beauty, has long been a hotspot for Bigfoot sightings and encounters. The YouTube channel Squatch-D TV, known for their in-depth investigations and analysis of all things Sasquatch, recently shared a video featuring an adventurer's perspective on Bigfoot in Alaska. The video, which is part of the Squatch-D TV series, follows the adventurer as they share their experiences and insights from their time in Alaska. They describe the landscape as a place that feels like the end of the Earth, with isolated communities only accessible by boat or plane. The people they met during their time there were incredible, from Alaskan natives to transplants who had moved to the area to escape the rest of the world. One interesting fact shared in the video is that every year, Alaskan citizens receive a check from the government for oil royalties. This year, the check was for $1,300, and it goes to every Alaskan citizen, regardless of age or status. The adventurer also shares their experiences investigating Bigfoot sightings in Alaska, including a trip to Area A on the Kenai Peninsula. They describe the area as a place where many interesting Bigfoot stories have come from, and where they had the chance to investigate some of the most interesting Sasquatch-related phenomena they've ever encountered. Overall, the video is a fascinating look at Bigfoot in Alaska from the perspective of an experienced adventurer. Whether you're a Bigfoot believer or just interested in learning more about the mysterious creature, this video is definitely worth a watch. You can check it out on the Squatch-D TV YouTube channel.