Utah Witnesses' Encounters with Mysterious Creatures; Alabama Al's Encounter

Posted Monday, June 10, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A recent video posted on YouTube by user Chuck Jacobs - Arizona has been making waves in the Bigfoot community. In the video, Chuck shares updates from his friend in Utah and from Alabama Al, both of whom have had some fascinating encounters with these elusive creatures. Chuck's friend in Utah has been in contact with three different people from the same general area, and they've all had intriguing experiences. Two of them, including Chuck's friend, have actually gone out a couple of nights and seen some unusual things. They were directed to a secluded spot with clean water and even saw a house cat with unusual coloration, which they believe was created or controlled by the Bigfoot. But the most exciting update from Utah is that Chuck's friend meditated and felt the high hair tingle, a sign that the Bigfoot were nearby. He asked if they knew Chuck, using the name they had given him, WIA, which means Sage in their language. He received a very positive reaction, indicating that the Bigfoot did indeed know Chuck. Meanwhile, Alabama Al has also had some incredible experiences. While talking to Chuck, he mentioned that the woodline across from where he was sitting lit up with eye glow, indicating that the Bigfoot were acknowledging Chuck's presence. Alabama Al also shared some pictures, including one of a tree trunk that appears to be missing a 10-foot section, which he believes is due to a cloaked Bigfoot bending the light. Overall, these updates from Chuck Jacobs - Arizona's YouTube channel are exciting and intriguing, and they add to the growing body of evidence that Bigfoot exists. I encourage all Bigfoot believers to watch the video and draw their own conclusions. Who knows, maybe one day we'll have our own aha moment and come face to face with these elusive creatures.