Washington Man's Childhood Encounter with a Real-Life Bigfoot

Posted Monday, June 10, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A new video has been making the rounds on YouTube, and it's one that Bigfoot enthusiasts won't want to miss. The video, posted by the Salish Sasquatch YouTube channel, features an interview with a man who grew up on an Indian reservation in Washington state and has had numerous encounters with Sasquatch throughout his life. The man, who remains unnamed in the video, describes his first encounter with a Sasquatch when he was just eight or nine years old. He was playing in the woods behind his family's house when he stumbled upon a hairy creature lying on the ground. At first, he thought it was a bear, but as he got closer, he realized it was something else entirely. "It was a hairyman, basically," he says. "It just kind of had red and brownish hair, was probably about 6 feet tall." The creature stood up and walked away, glancing back at the man once before disappearing into the woods. This encounter sparked a lifelong interest in Sasquatch for the man, who has had several other encounters throughout his life. One particularly interesting encounter took place on Po Hill, a location known only to locals. The man describes hearing loud vocalizations that sounded like a mix between an elephant and a lion. He and his friends were inside a van at the time, and they could feel the vibrations from the noise. "It was extended for a while, and then it stopped," he says. "And then it happened again. So we had two roarers." The man believes that the Sasquatch were trying to communicate with him and his friends. He also mentions that there have been several other sightings in the area, including one where a Sasquatch walked right between two cars on the road. The video is a fascinating glimpse into the world of Sasquatch, and it's sure to leave viewers wanting more. While the man's experiences are certainly intriguing, it's good to remember that Sasquatch is still a largely mysterious and elusive creature. Until more concrete evidence is found, their existence remains a topic of debate among scientists and cryptozoologists alike. If you're interested in learning more about Sasquatch and other cryptids, be sure to check out the Salish Sasquatch YouTube channel. And who knows – maybe one day you'll have your own encounter with a Sasquatch, just like the man in this video.