Sasquatch Encounters: Distinct Tracks, Silver-Eyed Bigfoot Sighting

Posted Monday, June 10, 2024

By staff

A video posted on the YouTube channel Curious Conundrums Mysteries Unveiled has caught the attention of the Bigfoot community. The video, titled "1972-74 Sasquatch Events in Sequoia Kings Canyon & California Native Legends," shares firsthand accounts of Sasquatch sightings and experiences from the 1970s. During the early 1970s, Amos Clifford worked with Sea and Summit Expeditions, an organization that conducted 21-day wilderness trips for youth at risk. Throughout this period, Clifford and his team had several encounters that they believe were related to Sasquatch. One of the incidents occurred when Clifford's dog, Whiskey, woke him up with barking and running up a nearby hill. After Whiskey returned, shaking, Clifford heard heavy footsteps descending the hill towards the cabin. The footsteps seemed long and powerful, and everyone in the cabin heard them. Although they searched for tracks in the morning, they found none. Another incident involved two staff members, JB and Johon, who heard a horrific scream coming from the direction of the outhouses. They barricaded themselves in the kitchen, armed with bows and arrows, and heard the scream three times before it ceased. Additionally, Clifford had a personal encounter with a low growl or moan near his sleeping area while camping in the backcountry. He was lifted off the ground three times before everything went silent. Although his climbing instructor dismissed the story as a bad dream, Clifford remains convinced that it was a Sasquatch encounter. The video also touches on California Native American legends, including a Modoc County legend of a hairy giant manlike creature reportedly seen on a Pyute Indian Reservation in 1989. These stories, along with others shared in the video, provide fascinating insights into the world of Sasquatch and the experiences of those who have encountered this elusive creature. As Bigfoot believers, we encourage our readers to watch the video and share their thoughts on these captivating accounts.