Renowned Bigfoot Researcher Dr. Igor Burtsev Shares Expedition Experiences and Evidence on World Bigfoot Radio

Posted Monday, June 10, 2024

By staff

In a recent video from the YouTube channel World Bigfoot Central, Dr. Igor Burtsev, a renowned hominologist from Moscow, Russia, discusses his 54 years of Sasquatch research and the ongoing efforts to have homology recognized as a legitimate science. Dr. Burtsev, along with Janice Carter and Robin Haynes, are working on a project called Homology International, which focuses on the study of forest people. During the interview, Dr. Burtsev explains that while homology is not yet officially recognized by scientific institutions, there is a wealth of evidence supporting the existence of these elusive creatures. He cites examples such as the skull found in Mongolia, as well as the case of the "wild woman" named Zana who lived in Abazia in the 19th century and had four children with local men. One particularly intriguing aspect of the discussion is the mention of communication with these beings. Janice Carter shares her experiences of hearing them speak in their own language, as well as in English. She recounts a time when she and her colleague heard them talking outside a window in South Carolina. Dr. Burtsev also touches on the topic of physical evidence, such as footprints, films, and even DNA studies. He mentions working with Dr. Melba Ketchum, who faced criticism and ridicule after completing a DNA study on Sasquatch samples. As a researcher and believer in the existence of these forest people, it's fascinating to see the dedication and persistence of Dr. Burtsev and his colleagues. Their work serves as a reminder that there is still much to learn and discover about the world around us. Be sure to check out the full video on World Bigfoot Central's YouTube channel for more insights from Dr. Burtsev.