Western NC Bigfoot Festival: Speakers Share Insights and Improvement Suggestions

Posted Monday, May 20, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

Bigfoot enthusiasts, have you heard about the recent Western North Carolina Bigfoot Festival? If not, you're not alone. According to the YouTube channel CreepGeeks, there seems to be a lack of public promotion for the event, making it difficult for people to discover and attend. In a recent episode of their podcast, hosts Greg and Omi discussed their thoughts on the festival, expressing their disappointment in the limited reach and visibility of the event. They suggest that the event promoters should increase their online presence, particularly on social media platforms like Facebook, to extend their reach and attract more attendees. As a fellow Bigfoot believer, I understand the importance of sharing and promoting these events to bring our community together. It's unfortunate when an event with such potential suffers from low attendance due to insufficient promotion. Despite the festival's organizational challenges, there were some highlights worth mentioning. Fate Magazine, a publication dedicated to the paranormal and unexplained, was present at the event. This is an excellent opportunity for Bigfoot enthusiasts to connect with like-minded individuals and share their experiences and knowledge. Although the video discussion does not provide any new footage or evidence of Bigfoot sightings, it does emphasize the need for better communication within our community. As we continue to seek the truth about Bigfoot, let's ensure that we are doing our part to promote events and share information with fellow believers. If you're interested in watching the full CreepGeeks episode, you can find it on their YouTube channel. Don't forget to subscribe and stay updated on their latest paranormal-related content. Together, we can continue to learn and grow as a community of Bigfoot believers.