Tennessee Bigfoot Hunter Uncovers Decades of Active Sightings and Investigations

Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A few days ago, I stumbled upon an interesting video on YouTube from the channel Bigfoot Society. In this members-only episode, the host interviews a gentleman named Craig who has been conducting research on Bigfoot in Tennessee. Craig's story is captivating, and I am excited to share it with our Squatchable community. Craig's journey into Bigfoot research began accidentally while he was out hiking in the woods to clear his mind. He stumbled upon a set of large footprints and was intrigued. He took pictures and followed the tracks for six miles, capturing more images along the way. Craig's findings sparked his curiosity, and he began to research and connect with other Bigfoot enthusiasts in Tennessee. During the interview, Craig shares his experiences and the fascinating things he has discovered in the area. He talks about the tree structures, knocks, and sounds he has heard, which have convinced him that Bigfoot is present. While Craig has not yet had a Class A visual encounter, he shares some incredible stories from other people who have had sightings in the same area, going back 50 years. One particularly intriguing story comes from a former military member who saw a tall, dark figure cross the road in front of him while he was driving through the area in 1978 or 1979. The figure stepped over a four-foot-high stone fence as if it were nothing, leaving a lasting impression on the witness. Craig's research has uncovered multiple BFRO investigations in the area, further solidifying his belief in the existence of Bigfoot in Tennessee. His passion for the subject and the stories he shares are truly inspiring. To learn more about Craig's research and hear his full interview, I encourage you to watch the video on the Bigfoot Society YouTube channel. It's well worth your time, and you might just pick up some new insights into the world of Bigfoot. Happy Squatching!