Bigfoot Sighting? Caller Reports 6-Foot Creature, Possible Tracks Found

Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2024

By staff

A recent video posted on YouTube by the channel Turtle Island Sasquatch has been making waves in the Bigfoot community. The video, titled "Best Bigfoot Evidence Ever," features a series of clips that the channel claims show definitive proof of the existence of Sasquatch. The video begins with a 911 call from a homeowner who reports that something killed their dog. The homeowner describes seeing a large, man-like creature running across their yard. The dispatcher asks if the creature was a person or an animal, to which the homeowner responds, "I can't tell, all I know is that my dog is dead and something killed it." The next clip in the video shows a group of people walking along a trail near the Vermilion River in Ontario, Canada. The group hears a series of howls that they initially assume are coming from a moose or a bear. However, they quickly realize that the sounds are unlike anything they've heard before. One of the group members, an experienced hunter, identifies the howls as something other than a moose or a bear. He posts two videos on YouTube, which have since gone viral, racking up over 2 million views. The video then cuts to a clip of a trap that has been dug up in the woods. The person filming the video notes that it's getting dark and they are down to their last trap. As they pan the camera around, they hear a series of howls in the distance. The final clip in the video shows what appears to be two Bigfoot creatures walking across a creek. The person filming the video can be heard whispering, "Oh my god, there's two of them." The video has sparked a heated debate in the Bigfoot community, with some believers hailing it as definitive proof of the creature's existence, while others are more skeptical. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, the video is certainly worth a watch. The 911 call and the descriptions of the creature are chilling, and the howls heard in the video are unlike anything most people have ever heard before. If you're a Bigfoot believer, or even if you're just curious about the creature, this video is definitely worth checking out. Who knows, it may just change your mind about the existence of Sasquatch.