Virginia Lineman's Shocking Bigfoot Encounter: New Evidence Revealed

Posted Wednesday, May 15, 2024

By staff

A personal Bigfoot encounter has been shared on the YouTube channel Cryptids, Creeps, and Conspiracy, and it's a must-watch for any Bigfoot enthusiast. The video, titled "EP27- Personal Bigfoot Encounter With Harley From Bigfoot Reports and Data Part 1," features Harley Owens, an outdoorsman and Bigfoot researcher, who shares his unforgettable experience. Harley, who is 23 and a father of three, recounts his encounter at a sawmill in Virginia, near the Kentucky border. He had been working there for two weeks when he heard a growl-grunt sound while taking a break. At first, he thought it was a bear, but when he looked towards the woods, he saw something moving in the brush. He describes it as a "black moving through the brush," and as he continued to watch, he saw the creature looking back at him. Harley took a picture of the creature, but his phone immediately drained of battery. When his phone came back on, he saw that he had captured a perfect shot of the creature. The picture, which he has shared on his Tik Tok and other podcasts, has been well-received by the Bigfoot community. After the initial encounter, Harley heard vocalizations that sounded like more than one creature. He recorded the sounds and later shared them with a group of older men at a driving diner. The men identified the creature as a "devil monkey" or "Bigfoot," and they shared that they had heard similar sounds during certain times of the year. Harley's encounter is a fascinating account of a personal experience with a Bigfoot. His description of the creature and the sounds he heard are compelling evidence of the existence of these elusive beings. I encourage everyone to watch the video and hear Harley's story for themselves.