Muscular Bigfoot Encounter at a Nursery: A Chilling Firsthand Account

Posted Tuesday, May 14, 2024

By staff

A new video has been making the rounds in the Bigfoot community, and it's definitely worth a watch. The video was posted by the YouTube channel Dixie Cryptid and is titled "Stay out of the Tunnel." In the video, the witness describes an encounter with a creature that they can only describe as an "abomination." The creature was sprawled out on the ground, and the witness couldn't help but notice its massive size and muscular build. They compare its muscles to those of an NFL pass rusher, and its size to that of a tiny electric car. The creature's fur was matted and coarse, and it smelled like garbage that had been left to rot. The witness describes the creature's teeth as being sharp and dog-like, with the four front teeth being particularly long and pointed. But what really stood out to the witness was the creature's prideful demeanor. They describe the way it would look over in their direction and smile, as if it was proud of itself and what it had done. The witness goes on to describe the creature's eyes as being hard and unyielding, with a yellowish tint as if it was old. They mention that the creature didn't seem to have any problem with killing, and that they could see it in its eyes. The encounter took place while the witness was working at a nursery, where they were tasked with transferring rose bushes from one-gallon pots to two-gallon pots. The witness describes the work as being rough, but well-paying. It's unclear where the encounter took place, but the witness does mention that the creature was in a tunnel. They urge viewers to stay out of the tunnel, implying that the creature may still be there. Overall, the video is a fascinating account of a supposed Bigfoot encounter. The witness's description of the creature is vivid and detailed, and their fear and awe are palpable throughout the video. While some may be skeptical of the witness's account, there's no denying that the video is compelling and worth a watch. As Bigfoot believers, we are always excited to see new footage and hear new accounts of encounters. This video is no exception, and we encourage our readers to check it out for themselves. Who knows, it may just be the proof we've all been waiting for.