New Bigfoot Sightings and Evidence in Alaska: Recent Encounters and Trackways

Posted Tuesday, May 14, 2024

By staff

A recent video posted on the YouTube channel BIGFOOT! / William Jevning has caught the attention of the Bigfoot community. In the video titled "BIGFOOT! CAMPFIRE TALK | General Bigfoot discussion | Episode 69", host William Jevning and his guests discuss various Bigfoot sightings and encounters. Fred Alaska, one of the guests on the show, shares his experiences in his home state of Alaska. He mentions receiving photos and videos from people who have encountered Bigfoot in the wilderness. One particular encounter involves Native Hunters who came across a trackway in Nuna pituk, 42 miles north of The Villages. The trackway, initially thought to be bear tracks, turned out to be something much more interesting. Another guest, Chuck, shares a fascinating account of a woman who saw what she believed to be a dead chimpanzee on the side of the road in Oklahoma. Chuck and his son went to investigate the area but found nothing. However, they did notice pickup truck tire markings on the side of the road, which Chuck believes may indicate that someone had picked up the body. The conversation then turns to the size and weather patterns of Alaska, with Fred explaining the vastness of the state and the challenges of exploring it. I encourage our readers to check out the video for themselves and hear the full accounts of these intriguing Bigfoot encounters. It's always exciting to hear new stories and perspectives from fellow Bigfoot believers.