Bigfoot Investigator's Spiritual Connection and Thermal Imaging Encounters

Posted Tuesday, May 14, 2024

By staff

A new and intriguing conversation with a Sasquatch researcher and investigator has been making waves in the Bigfoot community. The YouTube channel, The Paranorm Girl Podcast, recently featured Rick Taylor, a seasoned private investigator who brings his law enforcement experience and evidence collection skills to his search for Sasquatch. Taylor's years of personal experiences, encounters, and evidence have shifted his once skeptical views on Bigfoot to a place of belief and respect for the phenomenon. He is not only a firm believer in the physical existence of Sasquatch but also acknowledges the spiritual and paranormal aspects associated with these elusive creatures. During the interview, Taylor shares a fascinating story about observing eye shine, or eye glow, in southern Missouri. He and a group of people were watching orbs cross a creek when he noticed an eye glow behind them. Using his thermal imaging device, he was able to confirm the presence of a Sasquatch hiding behind a tree. This sighting is a testament to the creatures' tactical abilities and their understanding of human communication. Taylor's respect for Sasquatch is deeply rooted in his native Cherokee heritage and knowledge of the historical relationships between the Cherokee and Sasquatch. He is cautious when engaging with these entities, acknowledging that there are doors that should not be opened without caution. If you're interested in learning more about Rick Taylor's experiences and insights on Sasquatch, be sure to check out the full interview on The Paranorm Girl Podcast's YouTube channel. It's a captivating conversation that offers a unique perspective on the Bigfoot phenomenon, blending law enforcement, personal experiences, and spiritual connections.