Plan to Hunt Bigfoot on Haunted Property: Real or Risky?

Posted Tuesday, May 14, 2024

By staff

A video posted on YouTube by THE BDRP SUPERNATURAL has been making waves in the Bigfoot community. In the video, titled "Killing Bigfoot 2024," the host, D, discusses the possibility of killing a Bigfoot or Dogman. According to D, a friend of his brother-in-law's widow has reported a large man wearing a fur coat coming onto her property, causing damage and scaring her animals. D sees this as an opportunity to kill one of these creatures, as he believes they can be killed and are not invincible. D goes on to share a story about a Native American man who shot a Bigfoot in the throat in Arkansas, killing it instantly. He also mentions the Missing 411 books and speculates that Bigfoot may be involved in the disappearances of children in the wilderness. Throughout the video, D emphasizes the importance of taking precautions when dealing with Bigfoot and encourages the woman to take measures to protect herself and her property. He also mentions the possibility of hogs or vandals being responsible for the damage, but is skeptical of this explanation. I encourage readers to watch the video and form their own opinions on the matter. It's always interesting to hear different perspectives on Bigfoot and its behavior. Personally, I have a