Lumberjack Uncle's Chilling Encounter with Bigfoot in 1977

Posted Sunday, May 12, 2024

By staff

A logging crew in Washington state had a series of run-ins with what they initially thought were vandals, but it turned out to be something much more dangerous and terrifying. This intriguing story comes from the YouTube channel Base Camp Chris, and it's definitely worth a watch for any Bigfoot enthusiast. The tale begins in 2009 when Mike, who hails from Tacoma, Washington, and his friend Cliff were having a few beers at a local bar. They overheard a couple of guys at the end of the bar talking about Bigfoot, which sparked Mike's interest since his family had a history of logging. Curious about their thoughts on the subject, Mike asked Cliff what he thought about Bigfoot, and Cliff admitted that he was pretty skeptical. Determined to learn more, Mike decided to visit his Uncle Frank, a retired lumberjack who lived in the east part of Tacoma. Frank had an interesting story to share about his own encounter with something strange while working on a logging site in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest back in 1977. Frank drove Mike and Cliff to the location of the incident, which was 1.3 million acres of wild country on the west slope of the Cascade Range. They parked their truck and hiked up a steep slope to a flat landing where Frank explained how cable logging operations worked. He then instructed Mike and Cliff to go down the slope and take a closer look at some old steel oil drums that were part of the story. When they reached the drums, Mike and Cliff noticed that they were damaged, with bulges at the top and bottom, as if they had been squeezed or pinched. They were puzzled by this discovery and returned to Frank to share their observations. Frank then revealed that back in 1977, a logging crew had experienced equipment damage and vandalism, which they believed was the work of someone or something trying to sabotage their operation. Frank went on to explain that the logging crew had hired guards to protect their equipment, but even they couldn't prevent the mysterious vandalism from continuing. After a week of this, the crew decided to stop their operation, believing that whoever or whatever was causing the damage had gotten the message and moved on. This fascinating story from the Base Camp Chris YouTube channel is definitely worth a watch for any Bigfoot enthusiast. It's always intriguing to hear about firsthand encounters with the mysterious creatures that many believe inhabit our forests. So grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy this thrilling tale of a logging crew's encounter with something terrifying in the wilds of Washington state.