Family's Eye-Opening Encounter with a Juvenile Sasquatch on Hudu Canyon Trail

Posted Sunday, April 21, 2024

By staff

A family's day out hiking turns into an unforgettable encounter with a juvenile Sasquatch. In July 2013, Jason Brad Miller, his wife, daughter, and son, along with their German Shepherd, decided to take a hike on the Hudu Canyon Trail in Ferry County, Washington. They had hiked this trail countless times before, so they didn't bring any water or cell phones with them. As they made their way up the trail, Jason's son kept hearing strange noises coming from across a small canyon. Jason, who is hard of hearing, couldn't hear anything at first, but his wife and daughter confirmed that they heard the sounds too. They assumed it was a moose or some free-range cattle, but as they continued on the trail, the noises became more frequent and seemed to be following them. When they finally reached the lookout point, Jason's son took off sprinting to get there first. When the rest of the family arrived, they couldn't find him and feared he had fallen off the cliff. But, to their relief, he had scaled up the cliff behind them and saw a "scruffy looking man" peeking over the edge at him. Jason didn't believe his son at first, but as they started their descent, they had an encounter that would change their minds. As they were walking down the trail, Jason's Spidey senses kicked in, and he felt like they were being watched. He stopped and looked over his left shoulder, and there, just a few feet off the trail, was a small juvenile Sasquatch. It was sitting cross-legged with its back pressed up against a Blue Spruce Pine Tree, and it was eating huckleberries one by one. Jason's daughter, who was a few feet in front of him, turned around and saw the Sasquatch too. They both quietly observed the juvenile Sasquatch as it ate the huckleberries, looking at them and then back at the berries. Jason had a firearm with him, but he never once felt threatened. This encounter is a reminder that Sasquatches are intelligent and peaceful creatures that mean no harm to humans. It's always important to respect their space and observe them from a distance. This family's experience is a testament to the fact that Sasquatches are real and that they continue to elude us, leaving us with nothing but our stories and memories. If you're interested in watching the full video, you can find it on the Sketching Encounters YouTube channel. It's always exciting to hear about new encounters and experiences with Sasquatches, so be sure to check it out.