Friends' Chilling Bigfoot Encounter: Mysterious Snow Footprints and Whoops

Posted Sunday, April 21, 2024

By staff

A recent video posted on YouTube by the channel Sasquatch And The Wild offers a unique perspective on the attributes of other researchers in the field of Bigfooting. In the video, titled "Bigfooting 101," the speaker shares their experience of camping with a fellow researcher named Robin. As they settle into their tent for the night, Robin becomes increasingly paranoid about the possibility of a Bigfoot encounter. Despite the speaker's attempts to reassure her, Robin becomes more and more anxious, eventually moving her cot closer to the speaker and insisting that they stay awake in case something happens. As they lay there, they hear a stick break outside the tent, causing Robin to panic even further. The speaker, on the other hand, remains calm and rational, attributing the sound to a variety of possible sources, including deer, raccoons, or even other campers. Eventually, Robin falls asleep, but the speaker remains awake, listening to the sounds of something walking around outside the tent. They describe it as a "bipedal something," and note that it sounds like it sits down in the snow nearby. The next morning, the speaker goes for a walk around the campsite and discovers two indentations in the snow, which they describe as having a "body-like form." They take pictures of the indentations and continue exploring the area, eventually hearing a wood knock coming from the edge of the campsite. Throughout the video, the speaker maintains a levelheaded and objective perspective, even as Robin becomes increasingly paranoid and anxious. They offer a unique insight into the mindset of a Bigfoot researcher, and demonstrate the importance of staying calm and rational in the face of uncertainty. If you're interested in learning more about the attributes of other researchers in the field of Bigfooting, be sure to check out the full video on the Sasquatch And The Wild YouTube channel. And as always, happy squatching!