New Sasquatch Movie 'Sasquatch Sunset' Released: Realistic and Captivating

Posted Sunday, April 21, 2024

By staff

Exciting news for Bigfoot enthusiasts! A new Sasquatch movie has hit theaters and it looks like it's a must-see. The YouTube channel "So Cal Forest Ninjas" posted a video about the movie, which they say is called "Sasquatch Sunset." From the sound of it, this movie offers a unique perspective on Sasquatch behavior, as it follows a family of these elusive creatures and shows what they do on a day-to-day basis. The costuming in the movie looks fantastic, and the concept is intriguing. According to the video, the movie is not for children, but it's not clear why. It's possible that the movie deals with mature themes, such as the reproduction of Sasquatch. The YouTube channel's host mentions that they are excited to see if the movie gets the details right, which suggests that the filmmakers have done their research. This is always a good sign when it comes to Bigfoot movies, as it shows that the creators have a deep respect for the subject matter. The host also mentions that there are only a few movies that they really like when it comes to Bigfoot. One of them is "Harry and the Hendersons," which they acknowledge may not be entirely accurate, but is still a classic. The other movie they mention is "Exists," which they say got it right. It will be interesting to see how "Sasquatch Sunset" compares to these two movies. Overall, this new Sasquatch movie looks like it's worth checking out. If you're a Bigfoot believer, be sure to keep an eye out for "Sasquatch Sunset" in theaters. And if you've already seen it, let us know what you think in the comments! Excitement Level: 8/10 Note: This article is based on a video discussion from YouTube and does not reflect the opinions or beliefs of Squatchable or its staff. We encourage readers to watch the video and form their own opinions.