Chicken Coop Mystery: BFGF Investigates Bigfoot Activity in East Georgia

Posted Monday, April 15, 2024

By staff

A video posted on The Sasquatch Encounter Brigade's YouTube channel has caught the attention of the Bigfoot community. In the video, the channel's owner shares a strange occurrence on their property that has left them questioning whether it was the work of Sasquatch. While making an update video, the owner heard a loud noise coming from the chicken coop area. The chickens were visibly upset and refused to go inside the coop. Shortly after, something hit the house and then the woodline on the opposite side. The owner couldn't be sure if it was Sasquatch or not, but found it suspicious considering the earlier incident. Later that night, the owner was sitting on the front porch with a GoPro and parabolic microphone set up when they heard another loud noise. This time, it sounded like something had hit the ironic thing. The owner couldn't determine what it was, but it was clear that the chickens were still upset about something. The owner also mentioned a new gifting setup they had set up an hour and a half before, but couldn't be sure if it was related to the strange occurrences. Despite the uncertainty, the owner remained optimistic and encouraged viewers to check out the channel for updates. The video ends with the owner discussing upcoming events, including an interview with a gentleman from Ohio who has experienced Sasquatch activity on his family's property for generations. The owner expressed interest in keeping up with the activity on the property and potentially finding patterns of progression. Overall, the video leaves viewers questioning what really happened on the property. Was it Sasquatch or just a coincidence? The Bigfoot community will be eagerly awaiting updates from The Sasquatch Encounter Brigade.