Boy's Chilling Bigfoot Encounter at a Dude Ranch in 1976

Posted Sunday, April 14, 2024

By staff

A fascinating account of a possible Bigfoot encounter from the past has recently surfaced on YouTube. The video, posted by the channel Hidden Existence, features an individual recounting their experience from 1976 at a dude ranch. The witness, who was only eight years old at the time, describes a series of strange occurrences that led up to a chilling encounter with a figure on a hill. The witness begins by sharing their recollection of a conversation with the son of the dude ranch owners, who mentioned strange things happening around the property. This sparks a sense of unease in the witness, who then experiences a disturbing event just days later. One of the girls at the ranch claims to have seen a "big, ugly face" at a window. The witness describes the girl as being "deathly pale" and visibly shaken by the experience. The next day, the witness and others investigate the area near the window and discover a large, muddy handprint. The handprint appears to be larger than a human hand, with a thumb that is positioned in a peculiar way. They also notice muddy ridges, as if something had slid down the concrete wall. Soon after, the ranch's horses escape from their corral, leading the group to investigate the surrounding woodlands. During a nighttime expedition, the witness has a close encounter with a figure on a hill. The witness describes the figure as having long arms and being covered in hair, swaying from side to side. Although the witness did not have any prior knowledge of Bigfoot at the time, the description of the figure matches common characteristics associated with the elusive creature. The witness's detailed account, along with the presence of the large handprint, provides compelling evidence that a Bigfoot may have been responsible for the strange occurrences at the dude ranch. If you're interested in hearing this captivating testimony firsthand, be sure to check out the video on Hidden Existence's YouTube channel. The witness's story offers a unique glimpse into a possible Bigfoot encounter from the past and serves as a reminder of the mysterious creatures that may still be lurking in the shadows.