Colorado Man's Chilling Encounters with Sasquatch and Young

Posted Tuesday, April 02, 2024

By staff

A new video has recently surfaced on YouTube, posted by the channel Chaos Entertainment, featuring a man named Greg Helton sharing his personal encounters with Sasquatch. In the video, Greg describes his experiences growing up in the mountains of Colorado and his numerous run-ins with these elusive creatures. Greg begins by sharing his background and his analytical mindset. He explains that he enjoys debunking claims and videos he sees online, ensuring that the evidence presented is accurate and trustworthy. He then dives into his first encounter, which took place when he was just 10 years old in Williams Canyon, near Manitou Springs, Colorado. While throwing rocks off a cliffside, Greg noticed a large black primate holding a young one to its left. As he watched, he heard rustling in the bushes to his right. Thinking it was another Sasquatch trying to distract him, Greg ran away, frightened. He believes this encounter is evidence that Sasquatch have access to cave systems and caverns that humans have yet to discover. Greg's second encounter occurred four years later while camping with friends. As they slept, a large Sasquatch approached their tent, stirring the fire and waking Greg up. The creature's legs and feet were visible from the unzipped tent, and it appeared to be checking out the fire. When Greg woke his friends, the Sasquatch turned towards the tent, its shadow looming over the entire structure. The experience left Greg and his friends shaken, and his friends eventually moved away from the area, unwilling to discuss the encounter. Greg, however, remained intrigued by Sasquatch and continued to have additional encounters throughout his life. In the video, Greg shares several more stories, each one more fascinating than the last. His experiences offer a unique perspective on Sasquatch behavior and habitat, and his analytical mindset adds credibility to his claims. If you're interested in learning more about Greg's encounters, be sure to check out the full video on Chaos Entertainment's YouTube channel. And, as always, keep an open mind and stay Squatchable!