Trinidad Resident's Bigfoot Encounter on Bald Hills Road: Amber Eyes and Canine Reaction

Posted Tuesday, April 02, 2024

By staff

A woman named Amy recently shared her encounter with a Sasquatch on the Bigfoot and Beyond Podcast. Amy was helping her ex-boyfriend with his properties in Humble, California, when she had the encounter. She was driving on Bald Hills Road, near Witch AEK, and Johnson Road, which is near the fire station and Lady Bear. It was around dusk, and Amy was leaving one of the properties when she noticed her dog, an American Bulldog, acting strangely. The dog was barking and growling, which was unusual for her, as she was typically a quiet and protective dog. Amy tried to ignore it, but the dog's behavior became more intense as they approached the gate to leave the property. When Amy got out of the car to unlock the gate, the dog refused to come with her. She had to put a leash on her and physically pull her out of the car. The dog was shaking and had her tail between her legs, and Amy could tell something was wrong. As she was locking the gate, she saw something to the left of her truck. It was very tall, with glowing amber eyes, and it began to back away as soon as it noticed her. Amy described the creature as being as tall as the lowest branch of the tree, which was tall itself. She couldn't be sure what it was, but it reminded her of an orangutan. The most peculiar part of the encounter was her dog's reaction. She had never seen the dog act so scared before, and it was clear that the dog had seen something that Amy couldn't. After the encounter, Amy was shaken and drove back to Trinidad with a wrecked vehicle and a terrified dog. She reached out to her friend, who is a Bigfoot researcher, for support and guidance. Amy's encounter is a fascinating addition to the many Sasquatch sightings and encounters that have been reported over the years. If you're interested in hearing more about Amy's encounter, be sure to check out the Bigfoot and Beyond Podcast episode featuring her story. It's a great reminder of the mystery and intrigue that surrounds the Sasquatch phenomenon.