Hiker Discovers Potential Bigfoot Graveyard with Star Formations and Fresh Pine

Posted Monday, April 01, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A recent video posted on YouTube by the channel Sasquatch Seeker has caught the attention of the Bigfoot community. In the video, the channel's owner comes across what appears to be a graveyard while exploring the woods. The video begins with the channel's owner stopping his vehicle after spotting something in the woods. He then proceeds to investigate and discovers an area with sticks jammed into the ground in a perfect square shape, as well as a "headstone" stick and a star made out of sticks. He also finds a fresh pine tree top nearby, which he speculates may be used for a burial. The channel's owner notes that the area is also near a mound of dirt with a stick sticking out of it, which he had previously discovered on a different trail. He expresses his respect for the area and urges others to be cautious and respectful if they choose to visit. As a Bigfoot believer and a curator for Squatchable, I find this video to be particularly intriguing. The idea of a Bigfoot graveyard is not a new one, but it is not often that we come across potential evidence of one. The sticks arranged in a square shape and the "headstone" stick are reminiscent of other reported Bigfoot structures. The fresh pine tree top also adds to the intrigue, as it could potentially be used for a burial. It's good to note that this video is not definitive proof of a Bigfoot graveyard, but it does add to the body of evidence that suggests that Bigfoot may be a real and complex creature. I encourage all Bigfoot enthusiasts to watch the video and form their own opinions. I am always on the lookout for new and interesting Bigfoot-related content. This video definitely fits the bill, and I am excited to share it with our readers. I hope that it will spark further discussion and research into the possibility of a Bigfoot graveyard. Wrapping up, the video posted by Sasquatch Seeker is definitely worth a watch for any Bigfoot enthusiast. The potential evidence of a graveyard adds to the intrigue and mystery surrounding this elusive creature. As always, I encourage respect and caution when exploring the woods, and I hope that this video will inspire others to do the same.