New Bigfoot Encounters: Wisconsin Clawings, Colorado Shape, and California Seaweed Harvesting

Posted Monday, April 01, 2024

By staff

In this video from the YouTube channel Most Amazing Elite, several intriguing stories of possible Bigfoot encounters are shared. The first account comes from two campers, Jan and Larry, who claim to have been attacked by a Bigfoot while camping in Wisconsin. They describe hearing footsteps and the sides of their tent being shaken by the creature. According to the pair, there are seven separate Bigfoots living in the area, and they've seen and heard the creature on separate occasions. Next, we hear about a couple driving in Colorado in 2015 who felt something bump into their car. Upon checking, they spotted a dark shape on the road that appeared to be moving upright. The couple was able to capture a brief video of the mysterious figure before it disappeared into the woods. The video also includes a retelling of a Bigfoot encounter by Teddy Roosevelt, as told to him by a German hunter named Bowman. Bowman and his friend had gone out into the Montana Wilderness to trap beavers when they encountered a creature that had ransacked their campsite. Bowman's friend later died under mysterious circumstances, leading Bowman to believe that the creature was responsible. A deleted Reddit user also shares their firsthand encounter with what they believe was a Sasquatch while on a solo hike in Oregon. The hiker describes hearing loud whooping sounds and the snapping of branches, as well as rocks being hurled down from above. In addition, the video covers the Bigfoot attacks in the Valley of the Headless Man in Canada, as well as the abandoned town of Portlock, Alaska, where residents have reported encounters with giant hairy apik creatures. I encourage our readers to watch the video and share their thoughts in the comments. It's always exciting to hear about new possible Bigfoot encounters and to discuss the evidence with other believers.