Minnesota Bigfoot Encounter: Witness Describes Pounding Sound and Hairy Creature

Posted Monday, April 01, 2024

By Squatchable.com staff

A fascinating account of a possible Bigfoot encounter has been shared on the YouTube channel Absolute Sci-Fi. The video, titled "Understanding Bigfoot And The Undeniable Shocking Evidence | Bigfoot's Reflection | Absolute Sci-Fi," features an individual recounting their experience in Northern Minnesota in 1980. According to the speaker, they were on a fishing trip with a friend when they heard a pounding sound and heavy breathing. At first, they assumed it was a large bear, but as the sounds grew louder, they realized that something much larger was approaching. Suddenly, a huge, hair-covered biped ran by them on two feet, leaving them in awe and fear. The speaker goes on to discuss their research on Bigfoot and the evidence they have found, including enormous footprints and eyewitness accounts. They express their belief that Bigfoot is a biological entity that has yet to be classified by science. I found this video to be both intriguing and thought-provoking. The speaker's account of their encounter is chilling, and their passion for the subject is evident. The video also raises important questions about the scientific community's willingness to explore and acknowledge the existence of Bigfoot. I encourage all Bigfoot believers to watch this video and share their thoughts. The more we discuss and investigate these encounters, the closer we may come to understanding the truth about Bigfoot.