New Bigfoot Encounters in Kentucky, Maryland, and North Carolina: Call-In Interviews on The Bigfoot Society Podcast

Posted Monday, April 01, 2024

By staff

A new video has been making the rounds in the Bigfoot community, and it's definitely worth a watch. The video, posted on the YouTube channel Bigfoot Society, features three call-in interviews from individuals who have had recent encounters with Bigfoot in Kentucky, Maryland, and North Carolina. The first caller, Frank, grew up in southeast Kentucky and shares his experience of hearing splashes and rocks being thrown while fishing with a friend at the base of Pine Mountain. Frank's initial skepticism towards Bigfoot gradually turned into belief as he started researching and learning more about the creature. The second caller, who remains anonymous, describes his encounter while working as a security guard in the mountains of Kentucky. He heard footsteps and limbs breaking outside his truck, and although he couldn't see anything, he could tell it was a bipedal creature. The caller also mentions that he heard rocks being thrown at his truck, similar to the experience of the first caller. The third and final caller, from Maryland, shares her encounter with Bigfoot while camping with her family. She describes the creature as being over seven feet tall and covered in dark hair. The witness also notes that the Bigfoot appeared to be curious about their campsite, and even left behind footprints as evidence of its presence. All three callers provide compelling and detailed accounts of their encounters, and their stories add to the growing body of evidence supporting the existence of Bigfoot. If you're a Bigfoot enthusiast or researcher, this video is definitely worth checking out. And who knows, maybe their experiences will inspire you to share your own Bigfoot encounter. I encourage our readers to watch the video and form their own opinions. The video provides valuable insights into the world of Bigfoot and serves as a reminder of the mysterious and elusive nature of this creature. Whether you're a seasoned Bigfoot researcher or just starting to learn about the subject, this video is a must-watch.