Roosevelt and the Chilling Tale of a Sasquatch Encounter: A Mountain Rapper's Story

Posted Thursday, March 28, 2024

By staff

In a chilling account shared on the YouTube channel Twelve Past Midnight, a seasoned frontiersman named Balman recounts a terrifying encounter with a mysterious creature in the wilderness to President Theodore Roosevelt. The story, documented in Roosevelt's book "The Wilderness Hunter," tells of Balman and his partner's unsettling discovery of human-like footprints and a wild beast odor near their camp, followed by a mysterious creature lurking in the shadows. The creature brutally attacks Balman's partner, leaving him with four wound marks on his throat and a broken neck. Balman, driven by primal fear, flees the valley, leaving behind their camp provisions and beaver hides in a desperate attempt to escape the unseen apex predator. The overwhelming sense of facing an otherworldly presence haunts Balman's thoughts, and he grapples with the realization that he had encountered something far more sinister than any known predator in the wild. Roosevelt, in documenting Balman's tale, notes eerie parallels with present-day accounts of Sasquatch sightings. The bipedal footprints, pungent odor, and brutal attack on Balman's partner mirror modern-day encounters with the legendary creature. Despite attempts to rationalize the events as the work of a cunning wild beast, Roosevelt acknowledges the lingering mystery shrouding Balman's ordeal. In another captivating account, an experienced outdoorsman and passionate hunter named Kevin shares his unsettling encounter with a massive figure moving swiftly on two legs across a rugged landscape in laaka County, Texas. The creature's agile movements defy conventional norms, covering the terrain with effortless speed before seamlessly transitioning to all fours as it vanishes into the dense brush. Despite his diligent efforts to uncover any physical traces of the creature's presence, Kevin fails to find any concrete proof, leaving him with a sense of bewilderment and a lingering unease. Mike, a 65-year-old seasoned outdoorsman and experienced hunter, shares his chilling encounters with mysterious beings resembling Bigfoot. His first encounter occurred in the early 1970s while deer hunting deep in the woods of northern Minnesota. A massive figure, approximately 7 ft tall and exuding a pungent odor, emerged with prehistoric features. The creature vanished into the dense forest, leaving Mike with a lingering sense of disbelief and intrigue. Years later, Mike witnessed a dark, mysterious figure swiftly gliding along the glistening shore near his cabin, reminiscent of his initial encounter. These captivating stories, shared on the Twelve Past Midnight YouTube channel, offer intriguing insights into the mysterious world of Sasquatch. We encourage our readers to watch the videos and delve into the unknown realms of the wilderness where these entities may tread.