New Trail Camera Footage: Bigfoot in Cornfield and Surprising Creatures Caught on Camera

Posted Wednesday, March 27, 2024

By staff

A new trail cam video has surfaced on YouTube, and it's one that Bigfoot believers won't want to miss. The video, posted by the channel Grand Discovery, shows what appears to be a large, bipedal creature standing upright in the woods. The video's caption describes the moment the witness first saw the creature: "when you first saw her just across the creek about like from here across the creek it's when I first saw her she was standing upright in this seemingly normal world of ours." The video is just one of many jaw-dropping trail cam captures featured in the video, which also includes footage of a black wolf chasing a dog, a man's encounter with a lion in his backyard, and a possible extraterrestrial sighting. But it's the Bigfoot footage that has Bigfoot enthusiasts talking. The creature in the video is standing upright, with a distinctively human-like form. While the quality of the footage is not high-definition, it's still possible to make out the creature's features. Of course, as with any Bigfoot footage, there will be skeptics who argue that the video is a hoax. But for those who believe in the existence of Bigfoot, the video is a fascinating addition to the body of evidence supporting the creature's existence. If you're interested in seeing the video for yourself, it's available on the Grand Discovery YouTube channel. And who knows – you might just become a Bigfoot believer yourself.