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Thursday, September 12, 2019

These Beings have been reported by the native peoples and is a staple of there belief. They are called different names in different nations but have the basic same identities. They are child size with rather big slender heads and they are hairy from the head down to their feet. Stories were told even from the Invaders of the Little people and their antics. Without being given "respect" they gave the invaders a hard time. I am glad to know they are alive and well and have big hopes of meeting them face to face like all creatures or beings that are in the forests and mountains. I have gained their trust and have years of fun with them. Their favorite thing is to ambush me along the banks of the waterways and then vocalize their accomplishment. I managed to get one such talk, but have had many. They can mimic what you say and I was overwhelmed one day when a female voice repeated what I had been doing from high above me on a ridge line over me. I also learned that some "noise" the bigfoot community does is the call of the owl and Crows will be quite when they hear that sound.

I intend on giving them thread, Yarn, cloth samples and some useful tools. Remember years ago when they took the knife I gave them and cut their hair right there!. It is said only children and medicine men can see them, but they say others can too if they let you. Yesterday I gave them a small football or soccer ball for those that don't respect things. (names). I also gave them a survival whistle. They gave me a softball with the threads all rotted away and I felt like they were asking me to give them a new one. For now the small football will have to do.

I intend to visit them more this year and give them other things like fruit and candies which they seem to love. At those times I will ask to see them and meet them. I will also ask for other things but I will not say as one time I asked for proof they gave me the skin of one of them as is shown in a video I did years ago. I believe they have technology and as usual will ask to see or have something like that of theirs. So there are Little people, Big white huge goat type beings and sasquatch, and not excluding Sky beings at this certain area and another few that I know of to date. Neither of them had to make their presence known to me!!! I believe there are more beings of different types there also. If one remembers the "Bear" type being with what most didn't realize had soft claws and long fingers. Video "46" perhaps shows more also! Life is Strange.

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