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Monday, August 19, 2019

Amazing HD photography of Sasquatch footprints and huge hidden structures. Come travel with me off the path into the forest in the Holy Cross Wilderness. Colorado is home to multitudes of creatures and races of beings.

Visit Marc at Colorado Bigfoot on YouTube. He is the real deal. He has some amazing videos. Thanks for the awesome tour! I can't wait to go even deeper into Sasquatch territory. More great videos to come.

I had the best time exploring the wilderness of Colorado hunting Bigfoot with Marc from Colorado Bigfoot. Marc told me that this was just the beginning. This location was like a playground for kids compared to the places he is going to take me int he future.

As we go to more and more places to find Bigfoot, my connection will continue to improve. There are so many creatures in the forest that at times it becomes difficult to just focus on the Sasquatch.

When I was on the mountain I felt the presence of advanced beings. They are highly intelligent and speak to you telepathically. Yes, they speak English.

I am still trying to wrap my mind around the Bigfoot footprints. They were huge! There is a big difference between talking to Sasquatch in your mind and actually seeing physical footprints. This is quite a transition I am making in my mind.

Those of you that go frame by frame in Sasquatch video are going to love this HD version. Please send me the pictures of the Sasquatch and the creatures you capture. If you know the names of the creatures let me know. Otherwise I have to make up names and it will be more difficult than naming OPI nail polish colors. I swear they go to happy hour and right before they stumble home they write down whatever comes to their mind.

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