Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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This week we continue with last weeks lesson on existence, by interviewing my friend Alex Bobulinski. (It is a longer video but super awesome and is audio only so you can listen while you do other activities!)

Alex Bobulinski is a paranormal, cryptids, and more investigator. I really felt Alex did an outstanding job. I hope you enjoy this amazing video! So sit back and have a listen.

Alex Bobulinski Links:

You Tube:

Spectral Wolfpack Paranormal on YouTube

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The Spectral Wolfpack Show on Spreaker

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The Spectral Wolfpack Show Chris Baird (April 2018)

For those of you new I highly suggest you listen to my video #2 in the series on Keeping an Open Mind. Also this is is also connected to videos #3 Matter, Space, and Energy, and #15 Existence Explored.

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I am Chris Baird aka Center Star.

I am an avid researcher mostly centered on Hollow Earth and what that means in relation to Earths "true" history.

I have developed many hypotheses not only on the Hollow Earth and how it works, but also many other things.

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Pope County Arkansas (Class B) BFRO

Intimidation of deer hunter one mile from "Arkansas Sphinx" rock formation

howls, whoop's, either rocks banging together or wood knocks or both. there was also a terrible odor and heavy breathing outside my deer blind. breaking limbs as it was going through the woods also. h...

November 2018

Mitchell County Kansas (Class A) BFRO

Two motorists (female) report road-crossing sighting among cornfields just east Cawker, known for the 'The World's Largest Ball of Twine'

I was going to Concordia, Kansas with my sister and her husband on August 31, 2017. We were on Hwy [24 & 9] going eastbound. I did not get the mile marker. I wasn't thinking about it. Around 9:35 ...

August 2017

Stillwater County Montana (Class B) BFRO

Female fly fisherman's lucid recollection of classic territorial intimidation behavior of Saquatches ; 6mi NE of Mystic Lake

This happened summertime early 70's (I think 71, 72?). Me, my husband at the time, and my two brothers hiked into Lilly Pad and Crater Lakes, Stillwater County, Montana. It borders Custer National For...

July 1971

Alberta Canada (Class A) BFRO

A boy's summer encounter in a Saskatoon patch in Strathcona Island Park, next to Medicine Hat

On September 2nd 1972 we were at Strathcona Island ark which is outside Medicine Hat, Alberta. About ten of us went to swim in the river [Saskatchewan River]. In the afternoon going back to the ca...

August 1972

Ross County Ohio (Class A) BFRO

Father, son and cousin enounter a large hair covered creature while wading through a creek

I remember the year well enough. It was in the summer of 1980. The reason I remember that so clearly, is because all of the talk that summer was about the eruption of Mt. Saint Helens. I'm not sure of...

July 1980

Grays Harbor County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Grays Harbor County Sheriff's Department Offense report/summary

On numerous dates listed within the report those witnesses listed above and I had occassion to examine "unusual" scenes which, to date, have been undetermined as to the origin of the evidence found. ...

June 1982

Los Angeles County California (Class A) BFRO

Early 70's, Sighting by a deer hunter, off of Highway # 2, in the San Grabriel Mountains

Dear Sirs: This early 1970s sighting was not of my own. I was a boy when my brother-inlaw of that day and one or two of his hunting friends had an excellant and fairly long term sighting, both via th...

October 1970

Onslow County North Carolina (Class A) BFRO

Early morning traveler recalls roadway sighting near Holly Ridge

In early October 1983 I was recently married and stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. Neither my wife nor I had ever been to Wilmington, NC before so one Saturday we made a day trip to Wilmington. We saw so...

October 1983

Lane County Oregon (Class A) BFRO

Lady walking with dog has lengthy, close nighttime encounter

I just wrote a long report then lost it by clicking on the "why we need location" line and could not get back to my report to submit it. The report was recounted in detail to W.H.F. and his written...

December 1978

Duval County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Security Guards have sighting while on duty near Jacksonville

I am a security officer in Jacksonville, FL. I was on duty in an area know as Deerwood Park. Located in a quickly developing area that was once owned by Skinners Dairy. The area is still heavily woode...

August 2000

Clark County Washington (Class A) BFRO

Teenager recounts his sighting as a very young boy on his property near Yacolt

As usual for my afternoon activity, I left the house to pick thimbleberries. I was approximately fifty yards away from the house, and had been devouring berries for no more than three minutes. It was ...

August 1995

Charlotte County Florida (Class A) BFRO

Husband and wife have close encounter while roller blading outside Port Charlotte

My family moved to Charlotte County in 2000, bought a house in a quiet area and have been pleasantly surprised with the amount of wildlife in the area. We had moved from Ft. Lauderdale and would frequ...

January 2002